Keystone Gnarvest Tour

Keystone's finest came together this weekend to harvest some gnar.. 3 days and 3 states led to a slew of crazy events; such as being chased down by Police helicopter in Baltimore, divorce' party at a bar in NJ, and skating Philly's version on the Autumn bowl.. Check out a few photos, look out for an article and be sure to hit up Keystone and show them some love..

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5boro Florida Tour

5boro skateboards is going down south, specifically Florida, for a 2 week plus tour. Check out the flier and see if they come to a town near you..

Vengece Clothing welcomes two new riders..

Vengeance is excited to welcome Mike Fields and Sean Whitcomb to the AM team. Coming out of Port Huron, Michigan; Mike and Sean make up 2 / 6 of the underground skate mixtape kings, "The Crew." These two are pure street skaters, who can hold their own anywhere. They've shredded "The Berrics" and "Fantasy Factory" earlier this year and are constantly on the move looking to take the next step in their skating lives. Check out the welcome videos below and be on the lookout for a lot more coming from Vengeance, Mike and Sean in the very near future!

Save the Unisphere

Check out what Open Road of New York is up to..
Also take a minute to sign their petition..

We're supporting local efforts led by Rodney Torres to add new skateboarding areas to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. These include a new skateboarding area under the Van Wyck Expressweay, new skateable art benches along the park's winding pathways, and a new skate plaza near the Unisphere.

Halloween Hellrose

This years Halloween Hellraiser was the perfect ending to a crazy weekend. Few costumes were present but the overall holiday spirit was in full effect, or rather the sense that everyone was a bit hung-over/over tired.
As always it was put on by Open Road of NY, Billy Rohan, and Alex Corporan.. Rohan was obviously in a costume; wearing Nikes this outing. This got off to a rough start, dunion devision. None of those kids killed it in any sense of the word. Things picked up as some real skating started but there was a lack of genuine excitement throughout the whole event.. Either way Ishod Wair took it again.. Julian Heller in Second and Sean Powderly from Baltimore.. All out of towners..NY, step up your game..

The City Of Brotherly Love...

We rolled through Philadelphia this weekend.. By "We" I mean several skaters from NYC, NJ, and one Australian.. We got a chance to see almost everything that this 'great' city had to offer..From hood ass gay dudes, chunder on the front steps of an upscale high rise, to the suburbs with a mini-mansion everywhere you looked..
As always we created a lot of attention, however negative/positive it may have been.. Rolling down the highway getting grilled as fuck , skate rats tailing only to blow up the spot, and ay-ing and oh-ing at any girl that was remotely attractive..
Skating went down, and it went down pretty hard.. Here are some of the photos that I snapped..look forward to a full article in the 3rd issue of Topic East Coast..


Some shots from November 27th.. Dakine, Chopper Dave, and Brent Atchley
held a contest at the Autmun Bowl in Greenpoint.. Free beer and liquor
from Ashai, live music, and sick skating..

Andrew Langi killed it, not that you should expect anything less..
Along with people like Taji Ameen, Kyle Berard and even Steve Rodriguez
was shredding around the bowl..

1. Kyle Berard—$800

2. Andrew Langi—$500

3. Dan Carriero—$300

Dustin Younie Wallie to drop

DC King Of

The DC King Of qualifier for the contest in Chicago was
held at LES Park on Saturday to a great turn out..

Skaters were to be signed up in advance by the shop that
they ride for but, for kids who didn't have the luxury there
was an open qualifier..

Four groups of ten competed against each other on the section
a section of ledges for 7 minutes..Then the attention was
moved on to the pyramid..

Luis Perez was the stand out along with Jose Pereyra,
Dave Willis, Rob Gonyon, and Timmie Fulton..

We all know who won..and we all know he deserved it..

Great fun..

Stimulus Skateboards

Film Me; A Harry Corrigan Production..

The last promo before the long awaited premiere..

Buy Them

Shade Promo; a Jeremy Jordan film